The Sanctuary, is located at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

It is a large wetlands ecosystem surrounded by bushland that has been protected by a predator-proof fence for around 40 years, creating a refuge for a range of native animals.

Stroll along a 2.1km wheelchair accessible pathway past a series of interconnected ponds.

The Sanctuary gives visitors the opportunity to view platypuses and a variety of bird species at the ponds. This area also supports populations of Cunningham’s skinks and Antechinus, as well as reintroduced free-ranging populations of Long-Nosed Potoroos and Southern Brown Bandicoots as well as Brush-tailed Rock-Wallabies that have retired from the breeding program.

It’s a great place to experience moments of awe, and take photographs of the wildlife.

Here are some recent photos of mine taken in Janurary, 2024.

A long nosed potoroo can be seen on a walking path in The Sanctuary,