“It can happen to anybody: you sit still and you feel things tingling around you, everything’s alive around you, and in that a smile comes on your face involuntarily, and in that I felt no opposite. It has no part of the play of good and bad or of comedy or tragedy. I know it’s just a play on words but it feels like more than just being happy because you got what you wanted — this is a joy. A joy that doesn’t get involved one way or the next; it just is.” – JJ Grey

JJ speaks of joy. For me, that’s what I experience when listening to music, especially his.

I admit, I’ve only recently discovered JJ Grey & Mofro – through the bass player, Todd Smallie. Who played in The Derek Trucks Band primarily.

Released in 2011, Brighter Days is a live album that really captures the sheer energy of JJ Grey and the band –

Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Art Edmaiston

Bass – Todd Smallie

Drums – Anthony Cole

Lap Steel Guitar, Electric Guitar – Andrew Trube

Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica – JJ Grey

Organ, Piano – Anthony Farrell

Trumpet – Dennis Marion

It’s a great album from a great band.