Kyle MacDonald is on a mission. To trade a paper clip for a house.

> He announced on his [one red paperclip blog]( his intention to take the clip he’d used on his resume and trade it up, step-by-step, until he got a house.

MacDonald’s trades have gone as follows:

– Paper clip for a fish-shaped pen
– Fish-shaped pen for a clay doorknob with a funny face on it
– Clay doorknob for a camping stove
– Stove for a generator
– Generator for an “instant party”
– Instant party for a snowmobile
– Snowmobile for an all-expenses-paid trip to Yahk, British Columbia
– Yahk trip for a panel van
– Van for a recording contract
– Recording contract for the year of free rent in Phoenix

But now, McDonald has traded the apartment for an afternoon with Alice Cooper!

via [CNET](