That’s the slogan that [iAlertU]( bears.

> “It’s a car alarm for your notebook computer”, said Randy Green, the creator of the iAlertU alarm system, which is expected to go on sale at Green’s site, [](, next month for US$9.95.

Green has reconfigured Apple Computer’s MacBook Pro so the computer’s remote control can activate his security system. Users can hit a button on their remotes and they will hear the classic car-alarm chirp that tells them their systems are armed.

After that, any jostling of the computer will set a siren to wailing and the computer screen to flashing. Green uses the MacBook Pro’s built-in motion sensor which was designed by Apple to halt the computer’s hard drive, thereby protecting it, if the laptop is dropped.

The remote control feature overrides the MacBook Pro’s remote control, which normally operates the Front Row software application for watching movies, viewing photos or playing music.

Green has released a trial version at his website but continues to experiment with the MacBook Pro’s camera. He is trying to configure it so it will snap a photo of anybody who triggers the alarm. The system automatically e-mails the photo to a designated address.

Unfortunately, the system is disabled if the notebook isn’t running. Also, a thief can disarm the system by removing the battery. Green notes, however, that the alarm would sound for at least the 10 seconds it would take the thief to unscrew the battery housing.

> “It’s kind of a novelty,” acknowledges Green. “I really meant it to be a tamper-deterrent for college kids and the coffee shop crowd.”

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