The Canberra Times [reports]( that the ACT Police and their minister have refused to publicly issue a report on the hit-run death of Clea Rose.

They say the report exhonerates them finding they acted “appropriately” during the pursuit of a stolen car through the Civic Bus Interchange just after midnight on July 30 last year.

Commonwealth Ombudsman John McMillan, who police said had overseen the investigation, distanced himself from the report yesterday. It had not addressed all his concerns, especially those relating to compliance with pursuit guidelines. He had not signed off on the report.

The Rose family has seen surveillance footage of the incident and has received a copy of the report. They have asked that it be made public.

So, when the Commonwealth Ombudsman refuses to sign-off, and the family have asked that it be made public … why isn’t it?

The police say it might endanger the privacy of witnesses – even if the report was released with their names removed.

Yeh right.

Let’s be totally frank, who honestly believes the police would say or do anything that might cast a bad light on themselves?

It’s like asking the government to admit they’re wrong – it simply won’t happen.