ABC News published [an article]( which covers a ‘damning report’ by the The Commonwealth Ombudsman into the unlawful detention of a severely mentally ill man who was mistaken for an illegal immigrant.

Immigration Minister, Senator Amanda Vanstone said it is “an example of the tremendous difficulty faced by police and the department by mental health cases…”.

What I can’t understand is why the detention centre exists in the first place.

Multiculturalism only promotes a more diverse and healthy society, why stifle that by locking up people who haven’t filled in a form?

I guess when you’re a racist government, the thought of embracing new cultures is anathema.

It’s much easier to lock up children and anyone who doesn’t fit the ‘cultural norm’ – whatever that is.

As [The Herd]( say, “This country needs a f***** shake up!, Wake up!”