## NEWS ALERT – Canberra government in Australia seeks slaughter of 400+ kangaroos.

Please [sign the petition](http://www.gopetition.com.au/petitions/save-the-belconnen-kangaroos.html) to stop the culling.

The official [Canberra Roos website](http://www.canberraroos.com/) has background information about the proposed cull.

The Canberra Times has published [a story](http://canberra.yourguide.com.au/news/local/general/defence-fences-off-kangaroo-culling-area/1198928.html)
covering the issue as well.

Thank you for your support!

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__Update: 29 March 2008__

Seems the ACT government has opted for cash over kindness… but it’s not over yet.

The Canberra Times have published [a response](http://canberra.yourguide.com.au/news/local/general/latest-reportconfirms-roosshould-be-killed-expert-panels-back-urgent-cull/1212479.html) by Jon Stanhope’s department.

It’s common knowledge that the land has been zoned for development. So it seems illogical the ACT Government is citing ‘protection of the temperate grasslands’ as the reason for the slaughter.

… this is from a government that opposes whaling … hypocritical?

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__Update: 30 March 2008__

An Australian Government Defence Department [media release](http://www.defence.gov.au/media/DepartmentalTpl.cfm?CurrentId=7548) which favours translocation not killing.

[Japanese documentary](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGzcAasA0eg&feature=related) on YouTube.

The Japanese documentary has interesting comment from [Peter Garrett](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Garrett) – Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts.

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__Update: 3 April 2008__

Good new!

The ACT Government announced it will follow the Defence Departments recommendation to translocate the roos.!