As humans, we’re all prone to making mistakes from time to time. For most of us… it’s often the only way we learn.

Do we deserve a second (or 3rd or 4th) chance to redeem ourselves?

When I say “second chance”, I’m referring to the situation where the same mistake is made more than once.

I think we do deserve a second chance and I think that’s best granted by those who bore the brunt of the mistake. It seems like a waste of experience if we can’t show those who are most directly effected, that we have understood and learnt. Ofcourse, that assumes that we have learnt and are ready to make amends in whatever way is appropriate to the mistake.

What about retribution? In other words, what punishment suits the crime?

I can’t answer that specifically. I do feel that regardless of the punishment, those who were effected need to experience first hand, what has been learnt from the person making the mistake. It doesn’t seen beneficial to anyone if the person making the mistake is not given the chance to redeem themselves with those were immediately effected.

Consider this:

Imagine being complimented on something you made. Your friend says, “How did you learn to do that so well?”

You reply, “Through mistakes I made at my old workplace.”

They say, “I bet they’re sorry to see you go.”

Your answer … “I don’t know, they fired me when I made those mistakes”.

Sound familiar? What are your thoughts? I’d like to hear your comments.

Here are some articles I found when considering this:

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