Apple’s new “[Get a Mac](” compaign is cleverly aimed at exposing the falseness behind reasons why people might resist buying a Mac.

Things like performance, compatibilty and so on. Although, more often than not it’s at the advice of Windows users who have NEVER used a Mac.

My personal experience bears testimony to the many reasons why the Mac platform is better for most people. I used to provide tech support services – troubleshooting, installing networks (Novell and Windows NT).

The *days* I’d spending setting up simple file and printer sharing services – great for billable hours, nasty for clients waiting to get work done. After setting up Macs in minutes – then watching them run without hiccups. It was enought to “make a grown man cry”… uhm, excuse the pun :-). In the end, I couldn’t ethically recommend the MS Windows platform. Not unless there was an application that was mission critical to the organisation and ONLY available for Windows.

No, [MS Office]( does NOT count.

Anyway, the tv ads are great. If you have a few minutes, head over to the Apple website [check them out](

Then tell all your friends 😀