Here are some good thoughts …

1. NEVER be too busy for the important people in your life. Time is a commodity you can’t get back.

2. Your worth to the world has absolutely nothing to do with your bank balance nor your career.

3. You can choose to be angry and miserable or to forgive and be happy – your ego (the little, persistent voice in your head) loves a drama and would rather focus on the negative.

4. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings. If you are unaware of your thoughts they control you. When you move to a more conscious state the drama disappears and peace follows.

5. Don’t live in the future fearing the worst. Live in the moment. The only thing you can do right now is to take the right action to make the next moment perfect.

6. The choices you make in life can show up a long time later.

7. Contained in every adversity is the seed of a wonderful opportunity – but you have to train your mind to take the time to discover what the opportunity may be.

8. Sometimes you don’t know the path you are going to take to get to where you want to go.

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