The IT-Enquirer has published an article on the [Pfeiffer Research Report on Cost and Productivity Mac versus Windows](

A worthwhile read if you support an heterogeneous mix of Macs and PCs in your organisation.

> Pfeiffer ran an exhaustive list of interviews and analytic measurements to put his report together. The result is a 200-page work piece that is very balanced in its findings and conclusions. Pfeiffer collected data from enterprises all across the US, the UK, and the EU. Even Belgian companies were interviewed. Among the respondents were the largest publishing companies in the world, such as Conde Nast, Time Magazine, and Bauer Verlag, but also others like Ikea were on their list.

> The report discusses the differences in purchase costs, staffing, management and deployment issues with the platforms, administrative issues, and OS strategy. It measures user interface efficiency, common computing tasks and publishing-specific workflow productivity. The report uses Pfeiffer’s own methodology, of course.

> This methodology involves interviewing IT-management, financial departments, administration, support and helpdesk, and finally the users. Pfeiffer also takes into account three levels of involvement with technology: corporate IT-management, publication-level administration and support, and end-users.

Thanks for the heads up Mikey!