As we move towards a semantic, structured web… sometimes it’s the little things that make life so much easier.

If you’re a front-end developer like me, Jon over at PingMag has written [an excellent article]( that will help you get there a little more easily.

He begins:

> Writing CSS is very much like having sex. Not everyone does it the same way and there is no particular “right” way to do it. I guess for me the similarities actually end there, seeing as writing CSS is something I do every day whereas having sex is…anyway I digress. The [W3C]( have set the standards but beyond this, writing CSS is down to an individual’s preferences. Here are 5 little tips and ideas I’ve adopted in the last 6 months that you can use to make your CSS more streamlined, maintainable and easy to read.

I’ll be taking them on board with my next job… makes so much sense.