Sunday, 13 July 2008

My last day in Paris. I check out of the hotel and leave my bags to collect later.

With my bus ticket still valid, I get on the train to Champs Elysees.

When I get up to the street, the roads are blocked off. I snap a few photos and wander around. Marveling at the history, I try to soak in as much as possible. Taking more photos, trying to capture the memories.

Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees

My overall impression is one of a place steeped in history. The buildings, the monuments … all so beautiful.

I stop at Fouquet’s for brunch. As usual, I say “Un person” and the waiter knows I’m not French but is polite and friendly.

So I order a BLT with a bottle of Evian and watch the people stroll by. What stands out are the vast array of fashions in clothing.

Behind me are a table of 3 Australians – 2 blokes and 1 women, who seem to have made it to Paris from using their frequent flyer points. It’s kind of comforting hearing the Aussie accent. Whilst they’re dressed very casually, it’s clear they are pretty high up in whatever business they work for. I stop eavesdropping and my attention returns to the locals.

After brunch I stroll down Champs Elysee. The Citroen shop gets my attention. The design looks like it was done by the 123 Klan. I’ve taken photos and will post a link when they’re up.

Citroen Showroom, Paris

Citroen Showroom, Paris

I bought some souvenirs and then head off to find the red bus to the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

On arrival, the queue is massive .. as expected… but I figure I have time so I join and wait.

At the top, it’s literally awesome!… photos coming soon.

By the time I finish, I have to rush back to the hotel and get to Gare du Nord to catch my train.

As luck would have it, the station I want to get off at it closed, so I have to go back.

In the end, I missed my train but was lucky enough to be transferred to the next one – an hour later – at no charge.

Back to London I go.

On the train I listen to Faithless – Sunday 8pm … seemed appropriate 🙂