Mac users are known to be, shall we say, enthusiastic about their preferred computer platform. As Microsoft have announced more delays and feature cuts to Windows Vista, even the die hard Windows users have had to wonder.

In a posting last week, Windows blogger Paul Thurrott [took Microsoft to task]( for its execution of the new OS.

> In many cases, he says, Microsoft is simply copying Mac features like Spotlight search and translucent windows. Thurrott notes that in many cases Microsoft appears to have missed something in its implementations. For example, among Vista’s many translucent windows, he says it is difficult to know which of the screens is actually open.

His article reviews beta features and compares them to what was promised. Hopefully Microsoft (and other companies) will take heed of the article and refrain from making unrealistic promises.

Paul’s posting finishes diplomatically. Althought he makes a point of saying:

> But you’d have to be a special kind of stupid to look at Windows Vista and see it as the be-all, end-all of operating systems.

So, if you know someone seriously considering MS Windows, perhaps you could do them a favour and pop down to your local Apple store to show them there are alternatives.

via CNET