Speaking of [broken promises](https://verbum.one/?p=75), why is it that IT suppliers can’t seem to manage their stock?

I ordered a new G5 Dual PowerPC Mac from [Apple](http://www.apple.com.au) in early December 2005.

That took about 3 weeks before I received it. Yes, 3 weeks!!!! … not 3 *days* as you might expect.

The Apple online store says that estimated shipping time is “within 24 hours”. Yeah right.. and I’m “Muhammad I’m hard Bruce Lee”.

At the same time, I ordered an Airport / Bluetooth kit for a Mac Mini. Today, 25 April 2006, I’m still waiting.

Apple can’t tell me when I can expect delivery. How many product-based business do you know can survive without knowing how many of their product they’re making and how many are on order?

Does Apple have an inventory management system in place?

Surely they know when my order was received. They must know how long it takes to make the product. They must also know how many orders are in the system. They should know how long it takes for that product to get from one destination to another.

If they knew all this, surely they could calculate how long it will be for me to receive the product?!!

Apple aren’t the only company who operate this way. Many times I’ve called local suppliers to make a pricing and availability enquiry and they’re unable to tell me when stock will arrive.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Apple don’t gain a lot of market share, they don’t know when they will actually have something to sell.

That also explains why Apple have changed their purchase button label from “Buy Now” to “Order Now”.

I hope this post will reach Steve Jobs ears. If it does, please Steve, ask a friend in Australia to order an Apple product and tell you about their experience. I can almost guarantee they won’t be *delighted*.