I’ve been wanting a way to showcase my old work. At the same time, I didn’t really want to have dedicated pages on my main site because screenshots would suffice.

Clients often ask about work in specific areas and I’ve been fortunate enough to have done quite a few things for different organisations… from graphic design to web design and in-between.

So, a Gallery seemed like the logical tool to use. It would allow me to group things into albums and provides features like slideshows, online printing and even a shopping cart. Whilst the gallery is aimed at photographic work, it supports animation and movie formats too. It’s perfect for what I wanted to do.

Gallery screenshot

Now, thanks to [Julian](http://random8.zenburger.com/), I have one up and running!

Please visit my [Gallery](http://www.intrinsicdigital.com/gallery/) at Intrinsic Digital.


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